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Dirty Pirates: 2013 Andy's League Fall Champions
Jim's Fruit Stand: 2013 Union College Softball Coed Tourney Champions
Jim's Fruit Stand: 2013 1st Annual RCSO D.A.R.E. Coed Tourney Champions
Dirty Pirates: 2013 American Legion Sunday Coed B Champions
Dirty Pirates: 2013 Phil Sweeney Memorial Tourney Champions
Dirty Pirates: 2012 Miracle League Winter Tourney Champions
Dirty Pirates: 2012 Lynn's Fall League Sunday Comp Champions
Dirty Pirates: 2012 Lynn's League Sunday Rec Champions
Dirty Pirates: 2012 Maggie's Mark Tourney Champions
Dirty Buc Ho's: 2008 Andy's League Summer Champions
Dirty Pirate Hookers: 2007 Andy's League Fall Champions




John C, Dirty Pirates On Hiatus ***UPDATE***

UPDATE, 03/16/2014, 12:03A, DPPI: Sources confirm the mutineers will call themselves "Pirates" on the field despite not using it as part of their official name. DPPI contacted John C for his thoughts. He offered this statement:
JOHN C: If that's true, I can't regulate word usage...but it's a slap in the face: a further show of disrespect. Sadly, it underscores their refusal to accept culpability for their actions and the resulting harm they inflicted upon me. If they need help in choosing a new nickname, I can offer some assistance. 
UPDATE, 03/14/2014, 10:03A, DPPI: Steve F confirmed team name will not use Pirates or other variations.


DPPI: We interview long time GM and Manager of the Dirty Pirate Hookers and affiliated teams, John C. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.

JC: You're welcome.

DPPI: What are your plans for 2014?

JC: To play only.

DPPI: What led to that decision?

JC: I've been heading down this path for a couple of years...waiting longer and longer to recruit teams...trying to let management fade away.

DPPI: That explains the recent past: some have wondered why you waited so long to recruit teams for a new season. Why do you want to step away from management?

JC: I've managed over 40 seasons plus tournaments. I'm tired of it.

DPPI: Did any season or year in particular push you over the edge?

JC: 2013 was particularly taxing on me, especially the Fall season.

DPPI: You're team had meetings and/or communication regarding 2013 that excluded you. The end result was mutiny over a financial mess they claim you created. Is that an accurate description?

JC: I'm not privy to the details of the meeting or communication. As you said, I was excluded.

DPPI: Do you feel excluding you from any such conversation was less than forthright?

JC: Absolutely. Regardless, I already determined I wasn't running any teams before I found out about the mutiny.

DPPI: Please elaborate.

JC: As I said 2013 was very taxing. It took a large toll on me both personally and economically. The denouement was players not paying fees when I asked. That hurt me on a personal level.

DPPI: Can you provide more detail?

JC: I registered teams for fall ball with my funds...

DPPI: How much was that?

JC: $700 or so. The time came to collect fees from the players. Including myself, only four players paid on time. I sent individual texts asking for fees from those who owed. Only three players responded. Of those, two offered excuses and one paid in full. The remainder didn't even bother to respond.

DPPI: So a majority of the team didn't pay on time or at all?

JC: Correct, more than half the team. If people paid after I sent that text, no problem. Only one paid. Those who didn't even bother to respond really troubled me. That was the tipping point. I knew I was finished running teams.

DPPI: What happened after the majority of the team paid late or not at all?

JC: The damage was done. Led by Frank Rogers and his bookkeeper Jen Kozakiewiczj, Andy's League and All American Sports initiated a campaign of harassment against me using a publicly accessible message board. Ultimately, my men's team was banned from the playoffs. Those delinquent with team fees not only hurt me, but they hurt my men's team as well.

DPPI: I'll take this opportunity to inform our readers about Part II of this interview where we delve into the Andy's League situation more extensively.

DPPI: Please continue with the team's fee payment problems.

JC: The problem was those who didn't pay after I sent my final text asking for payment.

DPPI: Did they eventually pay?

JC: There remains balance due to me from 2013 Fall AND 2013 Spring/Summer. Without checking my notes, the balance is owed by around five people.

DPPI: You're STILL owed fees from 2013 Fall AND 2013 Spring?

JC: Yes I am.

DPPI: Five players owe fees?

JC: Some players may be surprised to find themselves on that list, but they don't understand the league charged a fine for late payment. Four people paid on time. Clearly, if you paid late, you're responsible for paying the fine.

DPPI: Was it possible for you to cover the balance?

JC: My funds were committed to a large work project--but whether or not I could cover the balance is irrelevant. I was keel-hauled by this group and that soured me. My fees were paid in full and on time, but the damage was done by those who did not pay on time or who did not pay in full. I had to stop the financial bleeding. The treasure chest was shut.

DPPI: Do you accept any responsibility for what happened?

JC: I accept that I was too trusting. Some say I could have handled the situation better.

DPPI: Was it possible for you to handle the situation better?

JC: No. Anybody expressing such an opinion is naive or uninformed or speaking to the wrong people.

DPPI: What is the current state of your team?

JC: A few weeks ago, after a team social gathering of sorts, Steve F informed me the team no longer wanted to play for me; they would only play if he ran the team.

DPPI: The whole team?

JC: That's what I was led to believe, but at least one player has said he does not want to play for Steve.

DPPI: How did news of the mutiny make you feel?

JC: My first reaction was anger, followed by disappointment in those who orchestrated the insurrection. Also, there's the issue of the denigrating recruitment text sent to my players...I am upset about that.

DPPI: Was the recruiting text sent to you?

JC: No. I heard about it from a recipient. He didn't pass it on, he was...afraid of rocking the boat and losing his roster spot.

DPPI: During this gathering, did anybody say anything to you regarding your status and what they were planning?

JC: Nobody said anything. The first time I knew anything is when Steve and I spoke.

DPPI: Why do you suppose they picked Steve?

JC: I'm not sure, but he has a sponsor.

DPPI: Loyalty trades cheaply in softball. I believe the price used to be 30 pieces of silver.

JC: Haha, yes it was.

DPPI: Do you need to control the team?

JC: There was at best a very remote chance I would choose to run a team, so management wasn't a problem for me. Their process concerns me. They had discussions on the sly. I was shut out. It's easy to levy charges and say whatever you want when you don't allow the impugned party a chance to speak.

DPPI: What would you have said to them if given the chance?

JC: Pretty much what I said so far: those who paid late or who still owe funds caused the damage...plus a few other appropriate statements.

DPPI: What do you think about Steve's part in this? You and he have known and played together for years.

JC: I'm not sure the mutineers understood the irony in using Steve...he and I already went down this road in 2007.

DPPI: Any thoughts on why Steve is part of this?

JC: My guess is Steve did what he thought was best for the team...he did what he thought was necessary to keep it together. I suspect he was played a bit...taken advantage of by a couple people.
DPPI: Did Steve tell you who was responsible for the mutiny?

JC: I want to clarify: Steve was not on the fall team--he had no part in the financial situation. Steve always paid in full, on time. He did mention a couple of the people largely responsible for the mutiny. Curiously, at least one the mutineers who pushed for this is a delinquent payer...a person who shares responsibility for the problem and ensuing damage.

DPPI: At least one person who was part of the problem was also responsible for the mutiny?

JC: That's right. If anybody who was part of the problem--as in paid their fees late...if they had any involvement in the mutiny, I think, at best, they're confused...or worse, dissembling.

DPPI: You put a lot of effort into this team over the years. Malcontents, some of whom were directly responsible for creating the financial fiasco, decide to usurp control of your team citing problems they caused as motivation and justification. You must be flabbergasted.

JC: Flabbergasted, astounded, perplexed, betrayed ...take your pick. As I said earlier, 2013 really took a toll on me.

DPPI: Can you elaborate?

JC: Sure. First, this team is the culmination of years of effort to finding the right mix of players and creating the right atmosphere. It's difficult to find a group of good, competitive, fun players who get along and to balance egos. This team was that right mix. I've run teams since 2002...it's taken a decade plus to get here. Then, to have confused or dissembling characters plunder my work and effort citing, as you so eloquently put, problems THEY caused as motivation and justification is simply implausible.

DPPI: What else...what other work, efforts, responsibilities went into building and maintaining this team?

JC: Assembling the team is only a part of it. I frequently carried fees for players until they were able to pay. This includes one of the mutineers Steve mentioned. Frequently I paid ump fees for players who forgot to bring money. Last summer, for example, I averaged paying around $6 extra per game. Just for one coed team that comes out to around $100 in additional fees that I paid.

DPPI: Anything else?

JC: Sure. Silly stuff, really...like chasing after players when the team is short players. All managers do it...especially paying out of pocket when fees are short...when people forget to pay...tourney fees, whatever. I also paid for roster spots for players who committed to play, played, and quit without paying.

The thing is...the situation they, the late payers, created...if it was only one person, maybe two people who were late with their fees, I could have probably made that work. Given the amount who were delinquent...that made the situation untenable. I always try to work with people.

DPPI: Can you comment on some personal costs?

JC: Yes...it was MY name slandered on the message board. I suffered the harassment. People with whom I've played with for years were led to believe it was me who screwed them over...cheated them. It's MY reputation that has been damaged.

DPPI: Is it true the mutineers offered you a spot on your team?

JC: Yes, it is true.

DPPI: What do you think of the offer?

JC: I think it was polite...perhaps obligatory.

DPPI: Will you play on their Andy's League team?

JC: I doubt it. Given what happened...how it happened, it would be hard to play on their team.

DPPI: Will you play with individuals from this group?

JC: I don't see why not...they're still friends. This isn't about vindictiveness. It's about the opportunity to express what they suppressed. I have the opportunity to speak.

DPPI: Do you think what they did was malicious?

JC: No, not malicious. On the other hand, the results of their action were hardly benevolent. I'm not sure they understand or fully appreciate the harm they caused.

DPPI: Do you think there may have been any other causes for the mutiny?

JC: I don't know and I really don't care. I think we have a situation where they felt empowered by the probability of a sponsor. I was the most expendable. I was perceived as the problem, and frankly, rather than admit one's own culpability, it's easier to blame somebody else than to be honest with yourself...employ self deception for comfortable delusion.

DPPI: Do you think...

JC: I need to add this: one person has taken responsibility. He knows I was treated unfairly and that he was part of the problem...is apologetic. Another person, after hearing only some of this, was dumbfounded. He is in disbelief that people can do this...cause a problem and then hang me out to dry.

DPPI: Do you think the effort you put into building and managing your team was appreciated?

JC: I think a few people have zero appreciation for my work and effort. Consider their actions: they come into a well established situation, overvalue their worth, ingratiate themselves with someone who potentially has a sponsor, threaten to walk out on the team if such and such doesn't happen, diminish the work and efforts of the person who built the team and disrespect that person, send a misinformed, deceptive, damaging and denigrating recruitment text to my players, claim the team as their own and then oh so politely offer me a spot on my team.

DPPI: That is an abject template for roster construction. What do you think about the team as they continue without you?

JC: Simply they're not the Dirty Pirates or Dirty Pirate Hookers or DPH. If they have any decency, they'll name themselves after their sponsor or whatever.

DPPI: Talk about the recruitment text.

JC: I don't know much other than what I was told. I was blamed for the financial situation. Apparently, this text was sent to the entire team. It's shameful...to think some of them deprecated my character to people whom I have known for years. If that's true, they need to issue an apology and need to retract their potential slander to those who were misinformed and to me.

DPPI: What are your feelings toward the mutineers?

JC: As I said, I'm disappointed in them. If this was handled properly with honesty, respect, you and I are probably talking about the new season or the Pirates' dominance. I just wanted to fade away incognito...not to be thrown off a cliff into a fiery heap.

DPPI: Any high points from last year?

JC: Absolutely. Winning the 1st Annual RCSO D.A.R.E. Coed Tourney. We beat Frozen Ropes twice...essentially, the team that won a Men's A championship. They stacked their lineup with 9 guys and we beat them with 7 guys.

DPPI: Ultimately, one could say you deserve a better farewell.

JC: And one could say deserves got nothing to do with it.

DPPI: Thank you again, John C, for your time. As I review my notes, I'll list some important points you made. Please feel free to correct or add comments.
  1. The players need to understand if they paid late and/or still owe fees, they caused the problems. They are responsible for the damage.
  2. If a player paid late AND took part in the mutiny, they are confused at best or worse, dissembling.
  3. The mutineers owe you an apology and need to retract their potential slander to all involved.
  4. John C will no longer manage any teams.
JC: That sums it up pretty well. Hopefully this interview reaches the right people aas it offers at least a glimpse into the complete story. It also shows how something as silly as softball can incite dubious behavior in otherwise decent people.

DPPI: You're welcome. Part II of this interview with John C will be posted soon. Thank you for reading.

Copyright March 11, 2014 by DPPI, Dirty Pirate Press International


Regular Season Schedule - 2013 Fall

2013 Fall Regular Season

Team  Date   Day  Time   Facility   Away   Home   Score  Record
Lager Hse: Sep 10 Tue 6:00P Coyne Lager Hse Sluggers Lee Lussier Bldrs W: 17 - 5 1 - 0
Pirates: Sep 10 Tue 7:30P Coyne Voodoo  Dirty Pirates W: 13 - 4 1 - 0
Toyota: Sep 11 Wed 7:30P FoD Toyota of CP Philly Bar & Grill  PPD: 09/20  
Toyota: Sep 13 Fri 6:00P Mullen's Toyota of CP Guiness  PPD: 10/09  
Pirates: Sep 16 Mon 6:00P Arbor Hill Dirty Pirates Philly's Bawgofah  PPD: 10/10  
Lager Hse: Sep 17 Tue 9:00P Mullen's Frost Bit Hits Lager Hse Sluggers W: 28 - 13 2 - 0
Toyota: Sep 17 Tue 9:00P FoD Bluth's Banana Hut  Toyota of CP W: 16 - 9 1 - 0
Toyota: Sep 20 Fri 9:00P Mullen's Toyota of CP Philly Bar & Grill W: 10 - 9 2 - 0
Pirates: Sep 22 Sun 10:30A Mullen's Dirty Pirates Breaking Balls W: 7 - 6 1 - 0
Pirates: Sep 22 Sun 12:00P Mullen's Panthers Dirty Pirates W: 13 - 9 2 - 0
Lager Hse: Sep 24 Tue 6:00P Mullen's Debbie's Hair Lager Hse Sluggers W: 16 - 6 3 - 0
Toyota: Sep 26 Thu 9:00P FoD Toyota of CP Skidmarks  L: 12 - 3 2 - 1 
Pirates: Sep 27 Fri 7:30P Arbor Hill Dirty Pirates Junior's Bar & Grill  W: 18 - 6 2 - 0 
Pirates: Sep 29 Sun 12:00P Swift Smack My Pitch Dirty Pirates W: 16 - 1 3 - 0 
Lager Hse: Sep 30 Mon 6:00P1 Coyne Lager Hse Sluggers Wrecking Crew W: 15 - 8 4 - 0 
Pirates: Sep 30 Mon 7:30P Arbor Hill 459-Taxx  Dirty Pirates W: 24 - 12 3 - 0 
Toyota: Oct 02 Wed 6:00P Mullen's Got The Runs  Toyota of CP W: 13 - 12 3 - 1
Lager Hse: Oct 02 Wed 6:30P JCC2 Albany Ballbusters Lager Hse Sluggers W: 19 - 18 5 - 0
Pirates: Oct 03 Thu 6:00P Arbor Hill Chase This  Dirty Pirates L: 8 - 5 3 - 1 
Toyota: Oct 04 Fri 9:00P FoD Toyota of CP Center Square PPD: 10/18
Pirates: Oct 06 Sun 1:30P Mullen's Dirty Pirates CDA Shockers PPD: 10/27
Toyota: Oct 07 Mon 6:00P FoD Toyota of CP Jack Byrne Ford PPD: 11/04
Lager Hse: Oct 07 Mon 8:00P2 Nott 1 Lager Hse Sluggers Lynn's Uptown PPD: 10/28
Pirates: Oct 08 Tue 9:00P Arbor Hill Poppy's Place  Dirty Pirates W: 19 - 11 4 - 1 
Toyota: Oct 09 Wed 9:00P Mullen's Toyota of CP Guiness L: 26 - 14 3 - 2
Lager Hse: Oct 10 Thu 8:00P JCC2 Maggie's Lager Hse Sluggers W: 21 - 8 6 - 0 
Pirates: Oct 10 Thu 9:00P Arbor Hill Dirty Pirates Philly's Bawgofah W: 14 - 2 5 - 1
Pirates: Oct 13 Sun 12:00P Swift Dirty Pirates Panthers W: 9 - 4 4 - 0 
Lager Hse: Oct 15 Tue 6:00P Mullen's Lee Lussier Bldrs Lager Hse Sluggers W: 21 - 12 7 - 0 
Toyota: Oct 17 Thu 6:00P Mullen's Toyota of CP Zwack's Stone  W: 21 - 7  4 - 2
Pirates: Oct 18 Fri 6:00P Arbor Hill Dirty Pirates Honey Nut Ichiros

Toyota: Oct 18 Fri 9:00P Mullen's Toyota of CP Center Square

Pirates: Oct 19 Sat 2:30P FoD Dirty Pirates Kryptonite     
Pirates: Oct 20 Sun 1:30P Mullen's Breaking Balls Dirty Pirates    
Lager Hse: Oct 21 Mon 6:30P Nott 1 Lager Hse Sluggers Stout    
Pirates: Oct 21 Mon 7:30P Arbor Hill Dirty Pirates Honey Nut Ichiros  R/S: 10/183  
Lager Hse: Oct 22 Tue 6:00P Mullen's Lager Hse Sluggers Maggie's    
Toyota: Oct 24 Thu 6:00P Mullen's Upstate Brewers  Toyota of CP    
Pirates: Oct 25 Fri 6:00P Arbor Hill Casey Finns  Dirty Pirates    
Pirates: Oct 27 Sun 4:30P Coyne CDA Shockers Dirty Pirates    
Pirates: Oct 27 Sun 6:00P Coyne Dirty Pirates CDA Shockers

Lager Hse: Oct 28 Mon 630P Lansing Lager Hse Lynn's Uptown

Toyota: Oct 30 Wed 6:00P Mullen's Animal House  Toyota of CP    
Pirates: Nov 01 Fri 6:00P Arbor Hill Dirty Pirates Bayside Tigers     
Pirates: Nov 03 Sun 10:30P Mullen's Dirty Pirates  Smack My Pitch    
Toyota: Nov 04 Mon 9:00P Mullen's Toyota of CP Jack Byrne Ford

ORANGE indicates game postponed or rescheduled
RED indicates Conflict
PURPLE indicates Make-up Date, Time, and Field
BLUE indicates game and/or venue and/or opponent different from originally scheduled

1Original time, 7:30P; Lynn's League changed time to accommodate Lager House Sluggers
2Original time, 6:00P; Lynn's League changed time to accommodate Lager House Sluggers
3Game time slot swapped with 459-TAXX at their request; resolved Pirates/Lager House conflict


2013 Union College Softball Coed Tourney: Jim's Fruit Stand Harvest Championship

Jim's Fruit Stand picks the Union College Softball Tourney Championship 4 - 0. More details soon.


UPDATE...2013 1st Annual RCSO D.A.R.E. Coed Tourney: "Jim's Fruit Stand" Sweep Tourney, Win Championship


Date: Saturday, September 21

Field: Knickerbacker Fields, Troy
Time: 9:00A - 9:00P
Weather: Sunny, Clear, Windy

1st Annual RCSO D.A.R.E. Coed Tourney; Jim's Fruit Stand

Game 1, 9:00A, Knick 2Game 2, 10:30A, Knick 2Game 3, 3:00P, Knick 2
Pool  BJim's Fruit Stand: 21

***3 inn mercy rule win***
Frozen Ropes: 15
Jim's Fruit Stand:

***7 1/2+ inn win***
Stilly's: 0
Jim's Fruit Stand:

***4 inn mercy rule win***

6:00P, Knick 2

Semi'sMaggie's: 3
Jim's Fruit Stand:

***3 1/2 inn mercy rule win***

7:30P, Knick 1

FinalsFrozen Ropes: 7
Jim's Fruit Stand:

***6 1/2 inning win***

Games 1-2Games 3-5

Sara R
Sarah L
Shannon P
Tabetha Z
Chad C
Dan R
Dustin T
Garry S
John C
Justin R
Tom D

Sara R
Shannon P
Tabetha Z
Chad C
Dan R
Dustin T
Garry S
Jim C
John C

The Dirty Pirates raise another pennant as Jim's Fruit Stand swept away their opponents, 5 - 0, to win the 1st Annual Rensselaer County Sheriff's Office (RCSO) D.A.R.E. Tournament.

Jim's Fruit Stand dominated the tourney with 72 runs scored, 25 runs allowed, 2 shutouts, 3 mercy rule wins, and only 24 2/3 innings played in 5 games.

Congratulations and thanks to Todd Breen for his excellent work in organizing and operating the tournament. His work was all the more impressive considering the short time frame he was given. The tournament was a softball first affair; the games moved along briskly, on schedule and included very competant officiating. 

The tourney was 3 game minimum pool play with 2 pools; one 5 team pool (A) and one 4 team pool (B). Jim's Fruit stand was in Pool B. 3 females on the field and 2 extra hitters, both of whom could be male. The mercy rule was implemented on a graduated scale: 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4, 10 runs after 5. Tie breakers were 1) Head to Head and 2) Runs against. Smartly, and unlike other tournaments held at the Knickerbacker, the Semi-Final was a crossover game. Home/Away for all games except the Semi-Final was determined by a coin flip.  

Games 1 and 3: Jim's Fruit Stand cruised their way through Games 1 and 3, dominating both the RCSO sponsored team and Stilly's with a combined 33 - 0 shutout.

Game 2: A tense extra inning albeit sloppy affair. Frozen Ropes and Jim's Fruit Stand were woeful defensively as both teams struggled with throws into the wind. A stiff wind blowing out to LF seemed to favor the power laden Frozen Ropes lineup, but Jim's countered with a couple HRs, many extra base hits, and smart base running. Despite early inning sloppy play in the field, Jim's tightened their defense and minimized mistakes as the game progressed.

"We really hurt ourselves with errors..." said Ropes manager Jeremy D with a tone suggesting he ate some raw eggplant, "We handed that game to them..." Jim's manager John C noted the same sloppy play regarding his team, but Jim's successfully regrouped to win the game.

Special Note: Congratulations to Frozen Ropes on sweeping the Domincans, 2 games to none, for the Andy's League Men's A Championship.

Semi-Finals: Jim's Fruit Stand harvested an easy 3 1/2 inning 15 - 3 victory over Maggie's that included the quote of the day from disgruntled Maggie's player, Paul R: "&%*$ them...they think they're so good." Eat your veggie's Paul...

Championship: Jim's Fruit Stand employs staunch defense and a 5 run 5th inning to farm victory.

Fittingly, the Championship game was also the best game of the tournament. The Frozen Ropes/Jim's Fruit Stand rematch provided a crisp and tense game. "A really good game." said  the championship game base umpire, "It was well played and exciting."
Jim's Fruit Stand remained undaunted despite having to travel to Knick Field #1; where Frozen Ropes played their semi-finals game, and despite Jeremy D pulling out all the stops with a 9 man lineup to provide extra depth and power. Although he considered the use of one extra male, John C opted against tinkering and stayed with his 7 and 3 lineup that maintained familiarity, continuity and success.

Shannon P and Sara R supplied stout and steady right side infield defense and Tab Z was stellar behind the plate. "Our girls were excellent all day..." said John C, "Solid defense and good offense...what more can you ask? Tab Z deserves a medal for catching every inning for the Fruit Stand. Incredible." "I sat home Monday..." said Tab Z, "...and literally did nothing. I was exhausted." 

Dan R and Jim C provided a veritable wall on the left side of the infield while Dustin T, DJ M, Chad C, and John C added solid outfield defense with minimal mistakes--remarkable considering the poor lighting. Garry S pitched every inning of the tourney and never let any game get away from the Fruit Stand. "He was always solid and dominating at times..." said Jim's manager.

Frozen Ropes held a razor thin 4 - 3 lead after 4 innings and tacked on another run in the top of the 5th.
The Fruit Stand refused to rot as Dan R jump started Jim's offense in the bottom of the 5th with a solid line drive double to center. "Dan busted it out of the box..." said John C, "That was the catalyst we needed." Garry S followed with another line drive double that scored Dan R. Dustin T followed with a line drive RBI single and DJ M added another single. A single by Chad C loaded the bases for John C who hammered a 2 RBI single past Steve at 2B. Jim C plated the 5th run of the inning with a sacrifice fly to right center. When Jim's Fruit Stand took the field in the top of the 6th, they held an 8 - 5 lead.

Frozen Ropes were far from finished and quickly added 2 runs in the top of the 6th. The Ropes set themselves up nicely for a 7th inning rally by blanking Jim's in the bottom of the 6th.

Jim's Fruit Stand, however, has a "no returns" policy and blanked the Ropes in the top of the 7th to take the Championship.

Todd Breen promptly joined Jim's Fruit Stand for congratulations, handshakes, and championship shirts for all players.

The Dirty Pirates and Jim's Fruit Stand have a 3 - 0 record against Frozen Ropes in coed tourney games this year dating back to the late June Sweeney Memorial Tourney.

John C extends his personal thanks to Todd Breen for his splendid work, to RCSO and D.A.R.E, to Jim's Fruit Stand players and to all teams who entered the tourney.  

Jim's Fruit Stand is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dirty Pirate Enterprises that also includes Dirty Pirates' Softball and DPPI. Yes, Jim's Fruit Stand also sells fresh, locally sourced vegetables.

Back, L-R: Chad C, John C, Dustin T, Jim C, Garry S, Dan R
Front, L-R: DJ M, Sara R, Tab Z, Shannon P


Sara R: Special Pirette

Sara R shows off her Pirette skills

Dirty Pirate Mascots

Ever vigilant, l'Hôpie and Fermi on duty


2013 Media League Playoffs: EYS dominates Skyline; take Championship

EYS wins Media League Championship. Congratulations! 

Date: Monday, September 9
Field: Nott Road, Field #5
Time: 6:00P
Weather: Sunny, Cool

Media League Championship; best of 3

Game 2: 
(1) EYS: 20
(5) Skyline Diner: 13

Game 2 resumed in the bottom of the 4th, 1 out, a runner on 3rd and Skyline at the plate.

Skyline picked up where they left off by shooting grounders and line drives in the gaps and plated a couple more runs before the top of the 5th to keep themselves in the game. 

A couple runs, however, could not prepare Skyline for the deluge of runs EYS scored in their half of the 5th. A relentless offensive attack of hard struck line drives and well placed grounders resulted in 8 runs for a 16-6 EYS lead. Although Skyline employed a smart placement hitting strategy for the remainder of the game, EYS tacked on a few more runs and Skyline simply ran out of outs and lost the battle of attrition.

Andy's Coed C North Championship: Wind and Umps Blow Championship

Congratulations to Moose Knuckles on winning the Coed C North Championship. 
Unanimous MK co-MVPs: Vinnie and Jeff.

Date: Monday, September 9
Field: Field of Dreams
Time: 9:00P 
Weather: Clear, cool

Andy's Coed C North, Championship

(2) Moose Knuckles: 17
(1) Dirty Pirates: 13

Poor early inning Dirty Pirates defense and multiple homeruns proved a challenging hurdle for the Pirates, but woeful officiating sunk the ship. 

With an assist from the wind and some poor defense, the Dirty Pirates dug themselves an early hole, but umpires Vinnie and Jeff ensured the hole was too deep. After 4 innings, the Pirates were down 13-3. The Pirates, however, never lost their fight rallying 3 times. Unfortunately, Vinnie and Jeff conspired to squelch each budding ralley. "It's (Vinnie and Jeff's officiating) awful..." said commissioner Frank Rogers, "...but what can I do about it?" Jeff was also involved in two key blown calls during the Friday, September 6, Coed B1 Championship game that helped determine the victor.

"I was awful..." said John C, "I gave up 4 HRs in the 2nd. I feel horrible...I let my team down. Kudos to them for hitting fly balls into the wind. I tried pitching up and out a bit, make them hit it across the wind. None were called a strike, so they could lay off. I had to bring them too close to the middle or stay inside. Knowing now what Cody was going to do, I should have walked them..." The game started with a stiff wind blowing out to dead left field. Once the wind changed direction in the 5th, Moose Knuckles found themselves with limited "power" and a surging Pirates offense.

Twice, on 8 straight balls, Moose Knuckles' pitcher Cody H intentionally walked Pirate Dustin T with runners on in key situations. Despite protestations from Pirate Manager John C, Vinnie allowed the cowardly maneuver to continue unabated. "There were a couple of close ones..." said Vinnie defiantly and provocatively. "He has to say that..." countered John C, "What other excuse does he have?" Further, after John C petitioned Vinnie regarding the intentional walks, Vinnie followed him back toward the home bench area seeking an argument. "Yeah, I walked away. I was finished. He followed behind..." said the Pirates' manager while continuing "He acts like a bully. Twice I had to stop him from provoking and taunting my players. He seeks confrontation, but cries foul when it's returned. We play to have fun, not to suffer gross incompetence and abuse from field officials."

The Pirates fought back holding Moose Knuckles to 7 runs over 5 innings while dumping 10 runs on their pliable defense in the 5th and 6th innings. A subtle application of pressure on pitcher Cody H forced him to pitch to Pirate men and even Vinnie couldn't offer Cody further reprieve. Unfortunately, the Pirates could not overcome Jeff's seminar on incompetent officiating as he stifled three rallies with blown calls on the bases.

The Pirates are scheduled to start fall ball today, September 10, 7:30P at Coyne Field. 


Post Season Schedule - 2013 Spring/Summer

Post Season
>>>American Legion Sunday Coed League Playoffs; B division; Best of 3; Dirty Pirates<<<
***With an 8 - 2 record, the Pirates earned the (1) seed.
Round 1 Date Day Time Facility Away Home Score Record
Game 1: Aug 11 Sun 1:30P Mullen's (4) Half Cocked (1) Dirty Pirates W: 17 - 7 9 - 2
Game 2: Aug 11 Sun 3:00P Mullen's (1) Dirty Pirates (4) Half Cocked W: 13 - 11 10 - 2
***The Pirates blast Half Cocked to advance to the Championship round.

>>>American Legion Sunday Coed B Championship; Best of 3; Dirty Pirates<<<
Finals Date Day Time Facility Away Home Score Record
Game 1: Aug 18 Sun 12:00P Mullen's (2) Shockers (1) Dirty Pirates L: 17 - 11 10 - 3
Game 2: Aug 25 Sun 1:30P Mullen's (1) Dirty Pirates (2) CDA Shockers W: 15 - 3 11 - 3
Game 3: Aug 25 Sun 3:00P Mullen's (2) CDA Shockers (1) Dirty Pirates W: 18 - 2 12 - 3
***The Pirates storm the Shockers for their 2nd consecutive Sunday Coed B Championship

>>>Guilderland Media League Coed Playoffs; Best of 3; EYS Clifford Wealth Mgmt Svs<<<
***EYS cruises to an 11 - 1 record and the (1) seed.
Round 1 Date Day Time Facility Away Home Score Record
Game 1: Aug 14 Wed 6:00P Nott 5 (9) Media Logic (1) EYS W: 15 - 0 12 - 1
Game 2: Aug 19 Mon 6:00P Nott 2 (1) EYS (9) Media Logic W: 25 - 3 13 - 1
***EYS crush Media Logic; advance to Semi's.

Game 1:Aug 21Wed6:00PNott 4(5) Maggie's Cafe(1) EYSW: 17 - 614 - 1
Game 2:Aug 26Mon6:00PNott 3(1) EYS(5) Maggie's CafeW: 15 - 615 - 1
***EYS sweeps away Maggie's to advance to the Championship

Game 1:Aug 28Wed6:00PNott 4(3) Skyline Diner(1) EYSW: 23 - 616 - 1
Game 2:Sept 03Tue6:00PNott 5(1) EYS(3) Skyline DinerSUS: 8 - 4
***Game 2 resumes Monday, Sept 9, 6:00P at Nott 5
Game 2:Sept 09Mon6:00PNott 5(1) EYS(3) Skyline DinerW: 20 - 1317 - 1
***EYS sweeps Championship

>>>Andy's League Coed C North Divisional Playoffs; Single Elimination; Dirty Pirates<<<
***The Pirates blast the North to loot the (1) seed.

Round 1:Aug 29Thu6:00PFoD(8) Bill Brasky's(1) Dirty PiratesW: 12 - 416 - 1
North Semis:Sept 05Thu7:30PMullen's(5) Chase This(1) Dirty PiratesW: 12 - 1017 - 1
North Finals:Sept 09Mon9:00PFoD(2) Moose Knuckles(1) Dirty PiratesL: 17 - 1417 - 2
***Pirates drop Championship

YELLOW indicates game postponed
RED indicates Conflict
ORANGE indicates Make-up Date, Time, and Field
BLUE indicates game and/or venue and/or opponent different from originally scheduled

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